Wallpaper Kristen Stewart Twilight Bella Wwan Film iPhone wallpaper

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Wallpaper Kristen Stewart Twilight Bella Wwan Film

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In less than 24 hours, you can register for the HDR Workshop!  At last count, after the announcement a few days ago, we had over 130 responses.  There are going to be 12 spots available when registrations open, so you'll have to be fast!  Be sure to check back on the HDR Workshop page just after midnight CST on Friday, January 13th (to be exact, in case you are confused by midnight, the midnight between Thursday and Friday!).
Guest Hosting on This Week in Photography - The technique reveal
I was honored to be invited to guest host TWIP on Monday by Frederick Van.  There is a live version of the show where perhaps you saw me in video action!  If not, now it is available for audio-download.  You can get TWIP Episode 115 here.  I had a great time - and I thank Joseph, Ron, and Frederick for humoring me... I think I could talk to those guys all day and geek out on photography!

I revealed that video technique which a clever commenter coined "Stuck In Motion".  I put ALL the information there on that link.  It should tell you everything, in addition to what you hear on the show.  The original video posting gathered over 240 comments, speculation, and more.  I think it's fantastic how people guessed, poked, and prodded.  Experimentation is great!

My friend RC Conception chimed into the chat, and I hijacked his question as an opportunity to talk about HDR not being a fad.  Hehe...  Anyway, you guys should also check out the great RC on Layers TV if you want to learnRocks Beach Sunset_DSC1737.JPGLake Peace Great Sundown NatureBae Suzy Miss A Kpop Girl BeautyLeaf Green Blue Surface Texture Nature PatternDesign 117Flower Green House Vase Nature Art Darkpokemoniphone 5 wallpaperArt Paint Hampus Olsson Pattern Red Dark AbstractGameWater Umbrella NatureIceland Mountain Fire NatureMusic   57Cloud Above 5 Sky Nature